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Beat the Heat: Join a Pool in Raleigh

Beat the heat, get fit, and keep the kids busy all in one fell swoop with a summertime pool membership! If you’re not lucky enough to have a home with a private pool or that’s in a neighborhood with a pool, you’ve still got options for spending the summer swimming! Here are some places to […]

Year-Round Schools… What’s That All About Anyway?

If you’re thinking of enrolling your kids at Wake County Public Schools, you’ve likely started looking into available programs and educational opportunities. Maybe you’ve even noticed that some of the district’s schools operate on a “year-round” calendar and wondered what that’s all about. Well, let us explain! Here’s everything you need to know about year-round […]

10 Tips to Stay Safe in Winter Weather!

Talk about winter weather! With record-breaking low temps across the Raleigh-Durham area and a rather intimidating “winter hurricane” in effect, it’s not hard to get a little dismayed by all the snow and ice! Here are some tips for staying safe in the winter-weather conditions! 1. Prepare Yourself Before you head outside, make sure you’re […]