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Apex is the #1 Place to Live in the United States—Says Money Magazine!

apex is the best place to live in americaApex is a great place to live, just ask anyone who lives there—or Money Magazine, who ranked the little railroad town America’s #1 Small Town of 2015. Apex has everything the perfect town should have, from its blossoming and spirited downtown filled with events and activities to access to one of the fastest-growing tech industries in the country, and everything in between.

How Did Money Magazine Find Its Top Picks?

The quest to find the best small towns in America took a wide variety of factors into account, from the character of the town to the economy, real estate pricing, taxes, safety, health, amenities, and overall cost of living. Then, after the study narrowed down its list to the top 44 towns under 50,000, researchers were actually sent to enjoying a festival in apexeach town to get a firsthand feel for factors such as traffic, parks, and community spirit.

Why Was Apex Ranked #1?

If you’re not from Apex, you might not be aware of just all that it has to offer. Though the town has grown considerably over the last decade, it still manages to preserve a sense of small-town charm and rich community spirit—both of which can be seen in its highly-walkable historic downtown. Plus, it offers easy access to a wealth of career opportunities at the Research Triangle Park, three major universities, and several vast medical centers.

Discover Downtown Apex

downtown apex storesSet back through time as you stroll the scenic historic shopfronts of Salem Street and relax in an atmosphere of “how America used to be”. Quaint local shops and restaurants offer plenty of options for shoppers and diners, while the historic locale often sets the backdrop to popular community events, such as weekly farmers markets, or the annual JazzFest or highly-popular PeakFest.

Opportunity Meets Affordability in Apex

The Triangle area is often compared to the Silicon Valley in terms of its access to tech-related industries. But unlike the Valley, the Triangle—and Apex—offers a very affordable cost of living, especially when compared to cities in the Bay area of California. For example, the average home price in Apex is just $265,000, while Silicon affordable housing in apex Valley prices average at over $1 million. Apex also enjoys a low property tax rate of just $0.39 per $100 of home valuation. And with a strong job market, blossoming business, and a low unemployment rate, it’s no wonder many are reconsidering the Valley for Triangle towns such as Apex.

Considering a Move to Apex?

Who wouldn’t be? Apex has so much to offer, from high-paying careers to affordable homes to a wealth of activities and enjoyments for all ages! It’s time to learn more about life in Apex, search homes for sale, and buy a home in the Triangle. Contact me to get started.

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