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Selling a Home and Leaving a Legacy

Selling a house that you’ve lived in for many years can be an emotional process. You’ve made tons of long-lasting memories in your home, and you’ve likely built an attachment to it over time. That’s why you need someone who can guide you through the process with understanding and care. Carla Freund has helped sellers throughout the Triangle with this transition and knows how to guide you every step of the way. Carla will make the process easy and has the resources to ensure a successful transition. If you need to prepare your home to sell, Carla can assist you with preparing your home to sell to get top dollar. Here are a few of the ways that you can bring more value to your home. 

Landscaping and increasing curb appeal

Beautiful house with garden

Sometimes all it takes is planting a few trees, cutting the lawn, and adding some plantings to improve its overall curb appeal. Your home may sell quicker with a boost in appearance, and it’s a positive way to feel like you’ve left something meaningful behind. Carla Freund’s trusted vendors can help you with this process. 

Add small interior finishes or renovations

A male carpenter cuts a wood with an electric jigsaw, working with a tree.

You might consider painting the walls a neutral color, refreshing the bathroom or kitchen, or making simple repairs to maximize the value of your home. These simple changes are appealing to potential buyers. 

Consider what’s unique about your home

room inside home with blue walls

While small repairs may be necessary, you may want to consider leaving behind unique attributes such as wallpaper, paint color, etc. As long as it won’t devalue your home and isn’t something that requires repairs, this displays your home’s authenticity and original character. With Carla Freund’s experience, she can guide you on what features to keep to bring you the most value for your home. 

The Bottom Line

Leaving a legacy is a true treasure. Working with Carla will ensure your best interests are top of mind and you will be able to easily navigate the process with success. Your family will cherish the memories that were created and can begin to make new ones for the next generation.

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