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Selling Your Elderly Parent’s Home

Key Takeaways: 

  • Consider small renovations to maximize the home’s value
  • Explore nearby active adult communities
  • If you’re selling your elderly parent’s home, Carla Freund is your go-to agent!

Clean and Declutter

woman sitting in front of boxes in room

If your parent has lived in their house for a long time, personal belongings have likely accumulated over the years. Take some time to sort through and declutter furniture, clothes, and any other unused items. After deciding what’s important to keep and what’s not, consider hosting a yard sale or donating discarded belongings to a thrift store. 

Performing Renovations and Repairs

Young woman trying out new wallpaper at home

Before putting the house on the market, make sure that it’s in good condition. If the house is older and hasn’t received consistent upkeep, make a list of what renovations need to be done that could potentially affect the home’s value. Consider the home’s curb appeal, since this will be the first impression a potential buyer will have when looking at the property. 

Rely On An Experienced Agent

real estate agent showing a client a house.

When it comes to selling your elderly parent’s home, it’s important to gain expertise from an experienced agent. There may be some twists and turns that you need help tackling or questions and concerns that you may have, which is where an agent will be beneficial. Carla Freund is the area’s top agent in senior real estate and active adult communities. If you have any questions about selling your elderly parent’s home, contact Carla today!

Consider An Active Adult Community

elderly couple playing golf together at sunset

If you’re selling your elderly parent’s home and you’re not sure what the next step is, consider an active adult community. Active adult communities are full of like-minded individuals in similar situations, providing seniors with extra support. At active adult communities, residents live in the center of fantastic amenities, social opportunities, group classes, and more! These wonderful neighborhoods make it easier for seniors to stay healthy, entertained, and well-balanced.

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