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When Should Seniors Sell Their Home?

Key Takeaways

  • With costly repairs and maintenance, it may be time to move
  • Relocating to an active adult community opens all kinds of positive opportunities
  • Carla Freund can help you find the best community that fits your needs!

Maintenance and Repair Is A Hassle

construction worker holding tools

Homes are constantly in need of maintenance and repair. Whether it’s minor issues like paint damage and leaks or larger issues like HVAC replacements, jobs can be costly and difficult to repair. Relocating to a home in an active adult community may reduce financial risks and potential of maintenance, which is much less stressful and monetarily beneficial!

The need to be closer to everything

Senior Couple Carrying Bags In Shopping Mall

Relocating to a neighborhood that’s closer to necessities and entertainment, such as essential stores and restaurants, will make life much easier and more enjoyable. This is why many seniors choose an active adult community, as several attractive amenities are located in the same neighborhood, and communities are typically located within close proximity of shopping & dining. 

Relocating to a more social community 

Three senior women looking at phone

Seniors who reside in neighborhoods that are far from family and friends may be missing out on accessible social connections. Maintaining a healthy social balance is essential for emotional and mental wellness, which means it may be time to consider relocating. Active adult communities offer a number of social groups, clubs, and recreational activities in a variety of categories. 

Physical challenges start to arise

Senior couple stretching during jogging in the park

Maintenance and repair can be physically taxing, in addition to just getting around the house. Moving to a home with an open layout and limited maintenance means physical challenges will be limited. Also, with an interior structure that makes it easy to move around, cleaning and doing chores won’t be as physically straining!

The Bottom Line

With issues like repairs and maintenance, high cost of living, and physical barriers, relocating to an active adult community is a great choice. Active adult communities require low maintenance and make it easy to socialize, engage in physical activities, and remain close to essential amenities. Explore our active adult communities today, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! 

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