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Savvy Seniors Are Taking Advantage of a Hot Housing Market

Key Takeaways:

  • Seniors are ready to make a move to buy the right home
  • Despite higher prices, seniors are poised to buy and sell
  • Contact us today for the best advice for 55+ homeowners 

This Housing Market is Perfect for Seniors

With a unique national housing market that’s seeing increasing prices, some are fearful of making a move. But those in the know understand there’s nothing to be afraid of, and you can still secure your dream home. Seniors have a unique advantage with decades of experience, ample equity, and flexibility. Let’s explore how seniors can navigate the market to find the right fit. 

Seniors are able to move faster and easier

Happy seniors moving day selling home.

One big advantage of retirement is the ability to move on your own schedule. No longer tethered to a 9 to 5, seniors can house-hunt at different times and truly become the early bird getting the worm. Plus, without career obligations, there’s the additional option of moving to another city, or even another state — approximately 30% of out-of-state moves being made by those 65 and older. In addition to popular destinations like Florida, many retirees are heading to beautiful Raleigh, with its active lifestyle opportunities and exceptional cost of living.

Seniors have more equity in their properties

Seniors smiling looking at financial documents for real estate.

Baby Boomers are around a quarter of the population in the United States, but they represent 42% of total homeowners nationwide. With decades of real estate appreciation behind them, Baby Boomers are well-positioned to cash out massive amounts of equity and make competitive offers on homes. The first step to taking advantage of your hard-earned equity is to find the most accurate, up-to-the-minute value of your home, which may surprise you in this market!

Seniors can move into different dwelling types

Active seniors exercising in a group together in a 55+ active adult community in Raleigh.

If you’re at a stage where a smaller or alternative home makes sense for your life, there’s plenty to be excited about! Seniors have access to active adult communities, which pack a lot of value into your purchase. In addition to affordable home prices, these 55+ exclusive neighborhoods are centered around amenities aimed at facilitating friendships and staying healthy. Other seniors may be searching for homes with in-law units for multigenerational living, which are gaining in popularity and offer the ability to rent out extra space for passive income. 

Make Your Move with Carla Freund

When you’re ready to enter the next stage of your life, there’s no better partner than the Carla Freund team. With tons of experience and expertise in active adult communities in the Raleigh area, we’re the team that cares about you and your family. Call us today at 919-602-8489 and start your home search!

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