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5 Signs You’re Ready to Transition into an Active Adult Community

Key Takeaways:

  • Active Adult communities are an attractive option for the later stages of life
  • Homes are low-maintenance, and there’s plenty of on-site perks and activities 
  • Contact the experts at Carla Freund Realty Team to begin the next phase!

If you’ve reached that point in life where you’ve begun exploring downsizing and are contemplating selling your current home, considering an Active Adult community in the Triangle area for your next move provides many benefits. As you enter this next exciting chapter of your life, here are five signs that it’s time to get going!  

1. You’re 55 or older

Smiling happy man 55+ older

Purposefully designed with a retirement-friendly, low-maintenance lifestyle in mind, Active Adult communities in the Triangle area aren’t much different from other residential communities, aside from their age requirements. While adult children and grandchildren are welcome to visit, the 55+ age requirement for residents means that Active Adult communities are quiet, relaxing places to live. Active Adult communities offer a variety of properties, from single-family houses and multi-family patio homes to condominiums, and townhomes, with units that the resident usually owns.

2. You’re ready to downsize

Middle-aged couple in front of new house

One of the most common reasons people choose to downsize their living space is health-related concerns or disability issues. For example, if climbing the stairs in your two-story house multiple times a day has become too much, a one-story home or condo may be more appropriate for your physical abilities in years to come. Or perhaps the reason is that bigger has ceased to mean better at this point in your life. No matter your reasons, if you’ve been entertaining downsizing, considering an Active Adult community in the Triangle area is an exciting option. 

3. You’ve done enough maintenance

Senior man manually collecting fallen autumn leaves in the yard

Let’s face it, no matter your age, weekends spent ensuring that your home’s roof, gutters, lawn, landscaping, and landscaping equipment are all taken care of is exhausting. If you’ve reached the stage where you feel overwhelmed or simply want to spend your time and money differently, it’s time to make a change. Whatever your reason, living in an Active Adult community frees up your time so that you can pursue whatever your real passions are. And choosing to live in an Active Adult neighborhood in the heart of North Carolina within the Triangle area will afford you plenty of opportunities for recreational enjoyment. 

4. You’re ready to join your friends and make new ones

Diverse group of smiling seniors doing yoga

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of beginning the second act of your life is that you’re more experienced, confident, and know what you want. For example, if you’d like to close the distance between you and your loved ones, owning a smaller property will make travel more accessible and feasible. By owning a home in an Active Adult community, you can enjoy a relaxed retirement while reconnecting with old friends or making new friends without worrying about all of the responsibilities of homeownership. 

5. You want to be where everything is close by – and there’s no better place than the Triangle!

Pedestrian mall in downtown Raleigh NC, showing the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, History and State Capitol building

Becoming a resident in an Active Adult community in the Triangle area provides you with proximity to a wealth of opportunities to get exercise, socialize, attend cultural & sporting events, and so much more. Ideally faceted between the mountains and the ocean, the Triangle area enjoys convenient access to shopping, dining, and an abundance of outdoor recreation. From golf courses and tennis courts, pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses to miles of mountain trails or coastline to explore, living in an Active Adult community in the Triangle area is your hard-earned reward.  

Find Your Community 

Ready to get started? Explore our current listings of Active Adult communities in the Triangle. The experts at Carla Freund Realty Team are here to guide you every step of the way, because we’re the team that CARES. We’ll help you find the right fit for your lifestyle. Contact us today to begin your next great adventure!

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