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7 Things Every Home Seller Should Know

Are you thinking of selling a home in the Triangle this summer season? Awesome! It’s a great time to sell a home! But no matter how hot the market is, it’s always a good idea to read up on the selling process to make sure you’re primed to maximize profits and be as successful as possible.

So, here are seven things every home seller should know.

It’s better to fix now than pay later.

replacing lightbulbs, making home improvements, and other things every home seller should know

First things first, it’s time to make some repairs. Take a walk through your home and make a list of anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. This includes any maintenance projects you’ve been postponing (like that squeaky stair), any small repairs that could be done (fresh paint, recaulking), and even some minor updates (new faucets, new doorknobs or cabinet pulls, LED lightbulbs).

Want to add a little value to your home? You may want to consider some slightly larger updates, like a new garage door, Energy Star appliances, refinished floors, or even some kitchen or bathroom upgrades. Not sure what’s worth the expense? Feel free to ask us!

Yes, it needs to be cleaned.

mopping and cleaning when selling a home in the triangle

We know—cleaning isn’t anybody’s favorite chore, but it’s got to be done. That means vacuuming and mopping, dusting, airing out, and scrubbing down. Make sure you get those nooks and crannies that might usually get overlooked, like windows and blinds or the sides of the stove. Have carpets? You might want to consider a professional steam clean, especially if you’ve got pets.

Staging matters.

beautifully staged living room in a triangle home for sale

When buyers walk into your home, you want them to be impressed by what they see, immediately. But as they walk around, you also want them to be able to visualize their lives in your home—their family photos, their decor, their paint colors.

For you, that means you’ve got to showcase your home in a pleasant, neutral, and inviting way. It means removing personal decor or clutter. It means toning down bright colors, getting rid of excess furniture, and tidying up closets. It means opening up windows, setting out flowers, and maybe rearranging furniture to be more open.

Curb appeal matters even more.

beautiful home with good curb appeal

Before buyers step foot inside, they’ve got to be impressed by the exterior of your home—or they might decide not to come in at all! Take a walk down to the curb and study your home with an unbiased eye. How’s your lawn or the garden beds? How about your walkway? Your siding? The roof? What about your front porch or entryway?

Take some time to tidy up your front lawn, trim hedges, and weed flower beds. Take a look at your mailbox, replace your house numbers, and maybe even paint your front door and window shutters. You may also want to powerwash your siding or roof.

Organizing paperwork now saves headaches later.

working with a real estate agent to organize paperwork before selling a home in the triangle

Taking some time before you list your home to gather up paperwork can save you some big headaches later on. Not only will you be ready to hand over any documentation requested by your real estate agent, lawyer, or possible buyers, you’ll also be able to address any potential title or tax issues before they cost you a sale.

Not sure what kind of paperwork you should be hunting down? Ask us!

You’ll have to disassociate.

staged home for sale

We know—your home is your home, and that makes it special. You’ve probably spent a lot of years here, made a lot of memories, and might even have some bittersweet feelings about parting ways with the place that’s been home for so long.

But you’ve got to remember that selling a home is a business transaction, and that’s how you’ve got to treat it. You can’t let emotions get in the way of decorating, preparing, showing, or negotiating for the best price and terms.

Your Realtor matters. Big time.

choosing a real estate agent

Want to sell your home for the highest possible price? Most likely, you do. Now, do you also want to sell quickly… without all the stress, worry, or headache? If the answer is, “Yes please!”, then you’re definitely going to want to put a little time and effort into choosing the right real estate agent or team.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing a real estate agent: Experience matters. Location matters. Communication matters. Results matter. Availability matters. Asking for recommendations, interviewing agents, and really taking the time to make your decision—all that matters.

Looking for a Real Estate Agent in the Triangle?

Are you thinking of selling a home in the Triangle? Then it’s time to contact Carla Freund Realty. We’re here to help you price your home, get it ready, and list with ease!

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