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Explore Downtown Cary Today & In the Future: Growth & Developments

downtown cary predicted growth and recent developmentsLike the rest of the Triangle area, Cary, NC has seen explosive growth over the past decade, with new neighborhoods, new schools, and new businesses popping up all over town. Somehow, Cary’s Downtown has managed to maintain its sleepy small-town charm, but that could change as Cary prepares to revitalize Downtown into a vibrant and walkable live-work-play community. Check out all of Downtown Cary’s recent growth and coming developments!

Downtown Cary Predicted Growth & Recent New Projects

Cary’s Downtown Park

One of the biggest new projects in Downtown Cary that’s been (mostly) completed is the Downtown Park. Situated in the heart of Downtown, the park features a scenic fountain, benches and cafe-style tables and chairs, as well as a bocce green, ping pong table, foosball table, and even an amphitheatre for concerts and music events.

Continued development will see the completion of a pond (doubling as a stormwater basin) and space for a Farmers Market.

Cary Midtown Square

Shops, restaurants, offices, and even a brewery await at the mixed-use center of Midtown Square. Local businesses, delicious new stores in downtown cary nceateries, and studios offer an interesting blend of entertainment, attractions, and convenience.

New Cary Library

Still in the planning and development phases, the new Cary Library will be located on the corner of Walnut Street and Kildaire Farm Road. It will include state-of-the-art features, as well as a parking garage to help bring more parking to the Downtown area, encouraging walkability throughout the community.

New Mixed-Use Housing Developments

In addition to new businesses and attractions, Downtown Cary is likely to see some new housing popping up in the Downtown area, especially in mixed-use developments that will give Downtown a more urban feel. Possible areas for new housing include north of Park Street and between Cedar Street and East Chatham.predicted downtown cary growth includes walkability

New Businesses Arriving

As Downtown Cary grows and gains popularity, new businesses are flocking to the area, like LeFarm Bakery, a commercial and retail bakery, or Jordan Lake Brewery. In order to make downtown more walkable and businesses more accessible, there is also talk of constructing a bridge over the railroad tracks.

Ready to Experience Downtown Cary for Yourself?

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