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Planning to Sell a Home in 2018? Here’s What to Do Right Now

If you’re thinking of selling a home in 2018, don’t wait until the New Year rolls around to start thinking about it. If you want to get the most money for your home, it pays to get started early. Plus, the headache it’ll save you will be well-worth the pre-planning! Here’s what you need to do now to get your home ready to sell in 2018.

5 Ways to Prepepare Your Home to Sell Next Year

1. Start Decluttering and Organizing

start decluttering now to sell a home in 2018Moving is no picnic, and it’s only that much more difficult when you have too much stuff. Plus, homes look much more appealing to buyers when they’re not filled with boxes, old clothes, and other little-used items.

Start with spaces like your attic or basement that tend to collect a lot of unpacked boxes or other forgotten and unused things that can probably be gotten rid of. Each weekend, work on another room, sorting belongings into piles of things to throw away, sell, donate, or keep.

2. Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

get a prelisting inspection to sell a home in 2018Yes, it’ll be a little expensive. But it’ll save you big in the long run when you can root out (and address) all the issues before they surface in the formal inspection (and cost you money in negotiations with the buyer).

3. Start Home Improvement Projects & Repairs

start small home improvement projects to sell a home in 2018Now that you know what issues you have to address before you can list, start addressing! Leaky roofs and plumbing, squeaky floorboards, hanging shutters, chipped tile, faulty wiring, old or outdated insulation, HVAC, or appliances… these things must go!

You may also want to consider other minor home improvement projects, such as new carpeting or flooring, fresh paint, updates to hardware or light fixtures, replacing windows, resurfacing cupboards or countertops, and removing, replacing, or updating old or tacky furniture.

4. Request a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

find out your home value now to sell a home in 2018Any good local agent should be able to give you a decent snapshot of your home’s value. Sure, pricing and market conditions will likely change before you actually list your home, but it can provide you with a good idea of what you’re working with, and can help you find a pricepoint for your next home purchase.

5. Connect with a Top Raleigh Realtor

find a local realtor now to sell a home in 2018If you’re thinking of selling a home in 2018, now is the time to get started! Connect with a top Raleigh realtor who can help you learn more about selling a home, help you get your home ready, and list your home for maximum return on investment.

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