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Why Do So Many People Relocate to Cary, NC from NY, NJ & FL?

happy home buyers who relocate to caryThe number of people relocating to the Triangle is on the rise, and many of the area’s new residents are from the same states—New York, New Jersey, and Florida—with the town of Cary, NC as their top destination. But… why? What is it about Cary that makes it so appealing to so many people?

Why Do People Relocate to Cary?

Two main factors seem to drive people in their relocation—jobs and retirement. And Cary has the opportunities and amenities to address both. And among states with the highest departing relocators—New Jersey and New York—as many as 7.5% were relocating to North Carolina. So, why do so many people relocate to Cary?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

There are numerous companies within the town of Cary itself—like SAS—but it also offers easy access to Raleigh, Durham, and of course, the famed Research Triangle Park. RTP employs over 39,000 people, with plans to add as many as 100,000 happy family having fun outdoorsadditional employees, mostly in high-tech and high-paying industries.

Activities and Lifestyle

It’s not all about work in Cary, especially if you’re a retiree! But don’t worry; there’s plenty to do here, from hiking and boating at the beautiful Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve or the Bond Metropark to golfing at Lochmere or MacGregor Downs courses to catching shows at the the Koka Booth Amphitheatre. We even have pro sports at the National Baseball Training Complex or WakeMed Soccer Park.

The Community

Along with lifestyle comes the community. Not only are Cary residents known for their Southern hospitality and farmers market in downtown cary ncfriendliness, there are plenty of activities and events to celebrate that sense of community, like Art Fairs or Farmers Markets in Downtown Cary.

It’s So Safe!

No, we don’t just say that. It’s true; Cary consistently ranks among the safest places to live in the US!

Education is Awesome

Whether you’ve got school-aged kids, a college-bound teen, or you’re considering some continuing education yourself, Cary has plenty to offer. Our Wake County Public Schools are ranked among the best in the state, and schools in Cary rank among the highest in the district. Plus, we’re within an easy drive of NC State University, Duke University, and the top schools in cary ncUniversity of NC—as well as two great community colleges, Wake Tech and Durham Tech.

The Location is Unbeatable

How many East Coast cities are within a few hours of both the beach and the mountains? From Cary, you can reach the beautiful NC beaches in just an hour (two for the absolutely phenomenal Outer Banks beaches) and some really great mountain hiking in 2 or 3 hours. Not too shabby.

And It’s Pretty Affordable

retirees at a park in cary ncDespite its growing popularity, the Triangle is still surprisingly affordable, with a low cost of living and average home prices in Cary sitting at just $345,500. And with low taxes, you’ll be keeping most of that cushy high-tech paycheck!

Ready to Relocate to Cary, NC?

If you’re considering a relocation to Cary, then it’s time to contact us at Carla Freund Realty. As your local guides to all things Triangle, we’re here to help you explore the community, learn more about life in the Triangle, discover Cary, find the perfect home for sale, and buy a home in Cary, NC!

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