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How to Sell Your Home When It Needs a Little Work

If you’ve been considering selling your home lately, it’s natural to need some clarification about where to start. The good news is that selling your property is the same as selling any other property, and all properties need work. 

The most critical factor in any sale is to know what’s wrong and right with a home. And with our decades of experience, the Carla Freund Team has put together an easy-to-follow guide to help you figure all this out and make selling your home a positive experience.

So let’s review the top 3 things homeowners need to know and understand about their homes before they begin looking to sell and start the next exciting chapter of their lives!    

Minor repairs boost curb appeal & secure closings.

Buyers often look for homes requiring few repairs, and no one wants a deal to fall apart at the last minute because the home inspector found an issue that could have been addressed earlier. It most likely would have been cheaper, also. But before a potential sale even reaches this stage, would-be homebuyers must first want to see your property. 

Therefore, a property’s curb appeal is the most crucial factor determining a successful sale. But all the curb appeal in the world will only be enough if the structure and mechanics of the property are in good condition. Here are the 3 most critical areas of a home that every homeowner should know and consider addressing before selling their home.

1. Kitchen & Bathrooms

senior man assembling kitchen base units

As two areas of a house with the most use and mechanical systems, these rooms must be in perfect working order. So, ensure no leaky or clogged drains, running faucets, or broken cabinetry. Another inexpensive and easy way to add value to these rooms is to update handles and apply a fresh coat of paint to any cabinets or walls that may benefit from a new coat. 

2. The Interior

Person in bathroom is adjusting the temperature in the water heater

While we’re in the kitchen, let’s review some other common areas within a home that, when addressed, have proven to help sell properties. When it comes to the walls, ceilings, and floors, any stains, water damage, nail holes, cracks, rips, or dings must be repaired. You will also want to ensure that your HVAC, electrical, water heater, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are compliant and in proper functioning order.

3. The Exterior

Close up and real photo of professional workman in special protective work wear holding in hands asphalt or bitumen tile and installing it on top of the roof under construction house

It’s the first thing people see. Getting it right matters, so here are some projects that you should consider tackling that have proven to pay out. Make sure that the garage doors and any remotes are in proper working order. Inspect the siding, roof, foundation, and landscaping. Be thorough in looking these over, and make any repairs if necessary, but also remember that some would-be homeowners look forward to nesting in their new home with activities such as gardening, so it’s optional to spend a lot of money on specific ornamental features. But if issues such as fencing are in disrepair or certain trees are touching the roof, you will want to address these.   

You may not face these issues if you’ve maintained your home throughout the years. Routine preventative maintenance, such as testing the smoke alarms, weatherproofing the deck every year or so, and replacing missing shingles, shortens your repair list when you decide to move. A home is an investment, and regular maintenance plus a call or two to the pros occasionally helps keep your investment strong.

Real life. Real living. Real estate. Contact Carla Freund and her team of professional, experienced realtors at Triangle Homes and Real Estate today to begin enjoying your next move with peace of mind!

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