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Leaving CT? Here’s Why You Should Consider Raleigh

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A study released earlier this year found Connecticut to have the third-highest relocation rate in the US—residents relocating OUT, that is. It’s no mystery why, either; Connecticut has notoriously high taxes, astronomical state debt, a poor local job market… and ongoing talks of putting tolls on major roads. If you’re one of these CT-fleers, you’re probably wondering, where to next??

Of course, your next home location will likely depend on why you’re moving, but there are a number of reasons to consider the Triangle area for your next home.

5 Reasons to Consider Raleigh for Your Next Home

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Located in the middle of North Carolina, between mountains and sea, Raleigh is truly the heart of the south. This bustling city is filled with possibility—for work, for play, and for high-quality living. From its thriving businesses to its beautiful parks to its lovely homes, Raleigh’s got a lot to love, especially for Connecticut transplants.

The Job Market is BOOMING

finding a great job in the Triangle

One of the main reasons residents leave CT is the lack of good job opportunity. Connecticut has a slightly higher unemployment rate than the US national average (Raleigh’s is 0.5% lower), but more importantly, Connecticut lacks the major business and industry that the RDU area has.

CT has a few established companies in the insurance and financial services industries, as well as some presence of defense industry and healthcare. But RDU has an extensive network of research, education, healthcare, and information technology—meaning LOTS of diverse opportunity. Oh, and there are also three major research universities in the area.

The Cost of Living is LOW

saving money when buying a home in raleigh

Let’s talk numbers. Specifically, let’s talk taxes. A 2018 WalletHub study found Connecticut to have the fourth highest property taxes in the country, an average of $5,443 annually. It also had the 9th highest vehicle taxes—$603 annually. On the flip side of the study, North Carolina had the 15th LOWEST property taxes—just $1,378 annually.

The People are NICE

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It’s not just Raleigh—people in the south are nice! Maybe it’s our more laid-back lifestyle or our good southern cooking, but we like to take the time to meet our neighbors and make connections. In the CT area… well, let’s just say that Travel & Leisure named three of its closest cities—NYC, Boston, and Providence—among America’s Unfriendliest Cities.

The Schools are FANTASTIC

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While it’s hard to compare the schools of a few districts (Wake County Public Schools, Johnston County Public Schools, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, and Durham City Schools) to those of an entire state, we can say that you will not be disappointed in Raleigh’s schools.

The Triangle’s schools rank among the best in the state and boast a large number of accolades and awards, as well as small class sizes, high test scores, and a very diverse array of programs, opportunities, and specialties.

There’s Just About… EVERYTHING

carolina hurricanes playing hockey

Whether you’re looking for pro sports, world-class entertainment, or even just favorite grocery stores, like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, you’ll find it all right here in Raleigh.

Pro sports? Check (fact: the Carolina Hurricanes used to be the Hartford Whalers, but even hockey is fleeing CT). Major performing arts centers? Check. Beautiful historic sites, vibrant cultural districts, bustling shopping centers? Check, check, and check. The Triangle has them all.

Ready to Relocate to Raleigh?

If you’re thinking of relocating to or buying a home in Raleigh, it’s time to contact Carla Freund Realty. We’re here to help you explore the area, discover its unique communities, and find the perfect home for your unique needs.

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