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The Benefits of a Buyers Agent When Buying New Construction

Before you buy a home, you find an agent, right? But what about when you’re buying a brand-new home? After all, there’s almost always a friendly agent waiting around to answer your questions right at the construction site… why would you need another one?

Here’s why finding the right Buyers Agent is crucial to finding the RIGHT new construction home at the RIGHT price!

That On-Site Agent… That’s the Seller’s Agent

sellers agent showing a new construction homeThey may be full of smiles and ready to answer your every question, but be wary of signing anything with that agent on the construction site. That agent works for the seller (i.e., the builder). In other words, they’re trying to sell you a home at the highest possible price.

A Buyers Agent Wants to Help YOU

benefits of a buyers agent when buying new constructionWhen you enlist the help of a Buyers Agent, they’re working directly for you to serve your best interests. So that means negotiating for the best terms, providing information and resources to help you make informed decisions, and even helping you decide whether a specific home, or price, is right for you.

A Good Local Agent Can Provide Valuable Area Insight

buyers agent showing a neighborhood in the triangleFrom helping you locate new construction communities to deciding which neighborhoods are in the best location or have the best value, a good Buyers Agent can provide invaluable insight into new construction throughout the area.

A Buyers Agent Will Tell You When to Walk Away

benefits of a buyers agent including honest opinionsIf there’s a home that’s just not quite right for you, or maybe there’s a neighborhood that’s just not worth the price tag, count on your agent telling you. After all, it’s not a Buyers Agent’s job to sell you a particular house… instead, they want to help you find the home that’s right for you.

A Good Local Agent Knows the Builders

buyers agent teaching more about local buildersNot all builders are created equal, and if you’re new to the area or to buying new construction, you might not know which are the good guys and which… you might be better off steering clear of. But a good local agent should be able to give you the lowdown based on their own personal experience.

A Buyers Agent Can Help You Negotiate

negotiation with a buyers agentThe home is perfect, the builder is reputable, and you just love the neighborhood! Time to make an offer. Be aware that most builders won’t come down on the price, so you may have to ask your agent how to get a little creative. That can mean asking the builder to pay some of the closing costs, or even having the builder throw in some extras or upgrades at no additional cost.

A Buyers Agent Can Walk You Through

peace of mind from start to finish when using a buyers agentWhether this is your first home, your first new construction home, or you’re just in need of a little refresher, having a reliable agent by your side means resting assured that everything is taken care of—without you having to stress about it!

Ready to Find Your New Construction Buyers Agent?

Are you thinking of buying a new construction home in the Triangle? If you are, then it’s time to contact Carla Freund Realty. We’re here to help you explore the area, discover its beautiful new communities, and find the perfect home for you!

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