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10 Tips for Moving with Kids to Raleigh or the Triangle Area

Moving can be disruptive and even traumatic for kids of all ages. Toddlers and preschoolers may not understand exactly what’s happening, school-aged children may be excited but will miss their friends, and teens may be very upset about leaving behind their social lives and close friends. In general, kids do best with routine and familiarity, so relocating to a new home definitely requires some adjustment time and special attention.

Here are some tips for a smooth relocation with kids of all ages.

10 Ways to Make Moving with Kids a Little Easier

1. Plan the Time of the Move

moving with kids: try to pick the right timeIf possible, try to avoid moving during times of other life changes, like divorce or death. If your kids are in school, there are advantages and disadvantage to moving during the school year or during the summer—during the summer, school and classes won’t be interrupted, but moving during the school year gives them the opportunity to start making friends right away.

2. Involve Kids in the Planning

take kids on tours of the neighborhood when moving with kidsGet kids excited for the new house and location by letting them help with house hunting or the search for a new school.

You can also bring them along with you to explore the neighborhood or the area. If you’re not close enough for a visit, consider looking at pictures online or helping them learn more about the area and what kinds of exciting places and activities they can look forward to.

3. Talk to Kids About What’s Going On

talk with your kids when moving with kidsGive kids as much information as possible about the move so they understand why you’re moving. Be very open and honest about the move, and answer questions truthfully and in detail. For younger kids, you may consider explaining the move with a story to help them illustrate the idea.

4. Choose a School or Get to Know Your School

get to know the school when relocating with kidsIf schools a highly important to you, you may consider doing some research about the best schools in your area and choosing a home based on its proximity to your favorite schools. If you’ve already chosen a home, it is likely already zoned to a school. Do a little research to learn more about the school, what opportunities and activities it has to offer, and what is required for enrollment. Be sure to gather all necessary enrollment documentation.

5. Make Packing & Moving as Easy as Possible

make packing easier when moving with kidsYou can get kids involved in the packing process by turning it into an activity or game. Explain to younger kids that you’re not throwing their toys away. For longer moves, keep a backpack of their favorite toys or stuffed animals handy for the trip. And be sure to pack the boxes with kids’ belongings last on the moving truck so it can be accessible right away.

6. Say Goodbye to Friends

let kids say goodbye to their friends when moving with kidsIt’s important that you give your kids time to say goodbye to their current friends and neighbors. If possible, arrange trips back to visit or Skype calls to stay in touch. Encourage teens to stay in touch with friends via phone or social media.

7. And Make New Friends

help kids make new friends when moving with kidsOnce you arrive in your new home, get out and meet your neighbors or get involved in the community right away. Arrange neighborhood get-togethers or play dates for younger kids. Encourage teens to get involved in school sports or activities so they can meet new friends.

8. Get Kids’ Rooms Set Up ASAP & Establish Routines

get the kids bedrooms set up first when moving with kidsBefore you start tackling your room or the living room, make sure your kids’ rooms are set up, preferably with their old furniture. This can help them establish familiarity in their new home. Be sure to re-establish other routines, like bedtimes and mealtimes, as quickly as possible, too.

9. Maintain a Positive Attitude

stay positive and cheerful when moving with kidsOne of the most important things you can do is to stay positive throughout the process. It’ll help your kids feel better about the transition—and it’ll help you, too.

10. Work with a Realtor to Make Your Wake County Relocation Stress-Free

If you’re relocating to Wake County or the Triangle, then it’s time to contact Carla Freund Realty. As your local guides to relocation and real estate in the Triangle area, we’re here to help you explore the area, discover its neighborhoods, search its lovely homes, and relocate to the Triangle with ease.


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