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10 Things to Do When You Move Into a New Home

Portrait Of Happy Young Couple In New HomeYou just bought your new home and you’re ready to move in! You can’t wait to start unpacking and decorating, transforming it into the home of your dreams. But wait… before you get started painting and hanging pictures, here are some things you should do first.

1. Get the Utilities Running

Ideally, this should really be done before you move. Make sure you get all the provider contact information from the seller and move the utilities into your name so you’ll have power, heat, and water before you move in. It may also be a good idea to get things like phone and internet set up as well.

2. Change the Locks

You don’t know who else still has keys to the house, so change the locks before you find out.

3. Know Where the Important Stuff Is

Take a few minutes to find your circuit breaker, and using a partner, label the different switches so you can easily find different areas. Locate the main water valve so you know how to shut off water to the house in case of plumbing emergencies, natural disasters, or long trips out of town. It’s also a good idea to locate your smoke detectors and fire Happy young couple moving into their new house and communicating.extinguisher—and replace them.

4. Get Prepared

Hopefully you won’t need to do any major work or fixes right when you move in, but it’s good to be prepared. You can even ask the seller for a list of contacts for service providers they used, like plumbers, electricians, or repair services. You can also ask your Realtor for this information.

5. Deep Clean

It’s way easier to clean before you start moving furniture and boxes inside, so take some time to vacuum, mop, dust, wipe, and steam clean… everything. You may also want to change aeration filters in your sinks, the air filters in your HVAC, and the vent filter above the stove, and maybe even vacuum out the vents.

6. Install Home Tech

It’s much easier to reach the wiring throughout your home when it’s still empty, so now is a good time to install things like things to do when you move into a new housephone, internet, security systems, or other home tech.

7. Inspect Your Moving Boxes

Now that you’ve got the pre-move stuff taken care of, it’s time to move. Inspect your moving boxes as they’re carried in, checking for visual damage. Be sure to make sure nothing is left in the truck, and continue to inspect boxes and their contents as you start to unpack.

8. Open the Important Boxes First

Have a plan; don’t just start unpacking. Moving is exhausting and it won’t all be done in one day so you’ll want to start with the important rooms first, like the bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen is probably another big priority.couple celebrating new home handing keys and moving boxes

9. Wait to Paint

Yes, it’s easier to paint before all the furniture goes in, but you’ll want to live in the house for a bit before making final colorchoices. You may decide that a piece of furniture doesn’t work in a room, or the lighting is wrong for a certain wall color.

10. Keep Your Receipts and Don’t Forget Deductibles

It might surprise you how many homeowner expenses can be deducted from your taxes—like the home office deduction that includes things like alarms, maid service, and electricity. And don’t forget the big ones, like home mortgage interest and property taxes paid at closing.

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